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Dr Robyn Leeder

B.App.Sc (Clinical), B.Chiro.Sc (RMIT), DACNB (USA), FAAFN, MCAA



Dr Robyn Leeder is a Chiropractic Neurology Consultant and chiropractor.

Dr Robyn Leeder has been in private practice for 15 years. As a chiropractic neurology consultant her mission is to help people locally and worldwide achieve more with regards to health and wellness! By nature, Dr Robyn goes the extra mile to help people. She also enjoys speaking to corporate & the community about the relationships between “better brain connectivity, health & wellness, lifestyle and work performance. Dr Robyn Leeder is on the executive committee of the Australasian Academy of Functional Neurology.

Dr Robyn’s mantra is “Being as healthy as you can in every sense enables us to live life to its fullest potential". I have seen so many patients who cannot do what they want to do because of less than optimum health. Life is meant to be lived and I want to help people be their best to do that! I just want to empower and inspire my community and all within my circle of influence to live a vital life and reach their full potential by removing interference from their nervous system, by helping to balance and optimise brain function and by providing up to date natural health and wellbeing education.

 More about Dr Robyn see http://www.gfc.dr-robyn.com 


Dr Kathleen Lawson

B.App.Sc (Clinical), B.Chiro.Sc (RMIT), DACNB (USA), FFAAFN, FACFN (USA), FACFN(Vestib.)(USA), MCAA

Dr Kath - Author of Your Brain Your Life


Dr Kathleen Lawson has worked in private practice for the last 10 years, offering family oriented chiropractic care, and integrating the principles of functional neurology into her everyday practice. As a chiropractic neurology consultant, she focuses on neurological rehabilitation, receiving regular referrals from her peers and other health professionals for specifi c ‘neurology’ cases. Actively involved in her profession, as President of the Australasian Academy of Functional Neurology, and now engaged as an associate professor with the Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies (USA), Dr Lawson continues to educate and empower her patients, her students and the wider community as to the benefi ts of a better brain, for better health.

Dr Lawson's website is  http://www.connectchiropractic.com.au

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