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Why you need this book!
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Why this book is a must have resource for you, your family, your patients

“Dr Robyn and Dr Kathleen attack and defeat the fears that most people have about attempting to read a “brain book”. Their work is fun to read and will empower readers…The book is motivating and I had a difficult time putting it down.   Prof. F R Carrick, Neurologist

  • Enhance your performance, your work productivity, your relationships, your memory, your physical health, your children’s learning and behaviour, YOUR LIFE, with tips and strategies provided at the end of each chapter.
  • You can develop better control of your reactions and responses to your environment, WOW! You can choose how to respond.
  • The illustrations make it fun and easy to read.
  • No matter what shape your brain and nervous system is in, you can always improve it – this is neuroplasticity in real life.
  • This book is about Your Brain, how it impacts Your Life and Dr Robyn and Dr Kathleen provide you with suggestions, simple exercises and tools to help you improve.
  • If you want to work smarter, not necessarily harder, and get better bang for your buck, THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

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