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Exercise that Improves Posture and helps your Brain too!
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  1. Exercise to strengthen your core muscles. 
  2. Exercise to strengthen your ‘anti-gravity’ muscles.
  3. Ensure you are doing ‘cross cord’ exercises.
  4. Make sure you change or vary your exercise routine regularly.
  5. Remember to focus on your breathing whilst you exercise.

What are my core muscles?

These are your deep abdominal muscles which help keep you centred, upright and balanced.
You will remember from the reading in our book, why balance and upright posture are so important.
See your personal trainer or gym instructor for specific exercises on the above.
Some Yoga poses are really challenge your balance too!

What are my anti gravity-muscles?

These are your muscles that help to keep you upright!
Your back muscles including lats (latissimus dorsi) and rhomboids
Triceps (muscles at back of upper arm)
Posterior deltoids (muscles at back of upper arm)
Your lower quadriceps (or knee extensors)
See your personal trainer or gym instructor for specific exercises on the above.

What are cross cord exercises?

Think of these exercises as those which help you walk.
When one part of your body is moving in your right upper limb, the opposite is moving in your right lower limb and vice versa.
In the gym, rather than doing double triceps extensions; exercise your right triceps, followed by the left triceps muscle. Do some walking lunges rather than doing single lunges.

Why should I change my exercise routine regularly?

Remember, your brain LOVES new, novel things, so your brain and your body will respond to changing things around regularly.
For example:
  • Take a different walking route every now and again.
  • Exercise at a different time in the day
  • Change the order of your gym routine
  • Try a new dance class, or yoga or try something you’re not good at!
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