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Your Brain Your Life is different to The Brain That Changes Itself
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How is 'Your Brain Your Life' different to other books on the brain

How 'Your Brain Your Life’ is different to ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ By Norman Doidge – Scribe Publications. 322 pages + 100 pages of references and index.
‘Your Brain Your Life’ by Dr Robyn and Dr Kath is less technical than ‘The brain that changes itself (Scribe publishing, Norman Doidge), but every bit as fascinating. Dr Robyn and Dr Kath have captured the key concepts of the way that your brain develops, learns, and potentially deteriorates, and they have given you, the reader, both the impetus and the resources to do something positive for yourself.  This is not just about information, 'Your Brain Your Life' is all about EMPOWERING YOU to help yourself

How ‘Your Brain Your Life’ is different to ‘My Stroke of Insight’ by Jill Boolte Taylor - Plume Publishing.  ‘My Stroke of Insight’ is a personal account of recovery from brain injury and looks at how the brain takes on information, and how to exploit this in rehabilitation.  With the writing of ‘Your Brain Your Life’ Dr Robyn and Dr Kath have adapted, refined, added and improved, to come up with ways to ENHANCE brain function, even in the absence of overt damage. In Your Brain Your Life the principles, strategies, exercises can usually be applied just as well to the injured brain – making the book ‘Your Brain Your Life’ even more versatile.

How ‘Your Brain Your Life’ is different to the book ‘Change your brain, Change your life’. Change your brain, change your life is written from the perspective of a psychologist, and focuses on changing thought patterns and ‘self-talk’.  In the book ‘Your Brain Your Life’ the authors Dr Robyn and Dr Kath are much more focussed on physical strategies, rather than just mental ones.  For the majority of people who are looking for hands-on stuff to do, the book ‘Your Brain Your Life’ presents a much more concrete approach for them.  Notwithstanding that the book also looks at thought patterns and the power of positive thinking.

How ‘Your Brain Your Life’ is different to ‘Disconnected Kids’ by Robert Mellilo, Perigreee publishing.  The book ‘Disconnected Kids’ is specifically targeted at parents and carers of children with autism.  While the principles and concepts are similar in ‘Your Brain Your Life’, Dr Robyn and Dr Kath have refined, added and improved, to come up with ways to help ENHANCE brain function that are applicable for anyone with an interest to have better brain and body function and connection. That makes ‘Your Brain Your Life’ an added resource for Mellilo’s market and for all who wish to really make a difference in their own life.

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