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Why Dr Robyn & Dr Kathleen were Compelled to Write the Book 'YOUR BRAIN YOUR LIFE' 

The authors Dr Robyn Leeder and Dr Kathleen Lawson are Chiropractic Neurology Consultants; their mission in life is to help as many people as possible achieve better nervous system function and better health naturally. On a daily basis they help many people in their busy Functional Neurology & Chiropractic practices. The book “Your Brain Your Life – make it what you want” helps Dr Robyn and Dr Kathleen further fulfil their mission of helping people worldwide achieve better health.
This is “must have” information for ANYONE interested in taking charge of their own health.  Dr Robyn and Dr Kath have a passion to share this with as many people as possible, but are limited in their practice to the people they can see on a daily basis.  Our book  ‘Your Brain – Your Life.  Make it what you want’  gives the average reader an opportunity to really make a difference in their own life, with cutting-edge information in everyday language along with practical skills that they can implement straight away to start making that change.


Why do people want to read Your Brain Your Life?

Because the book gives the average reader access to the concepts of functional neurology and its application in their everyday lives, along with some tools and strategies to positively influence their own brain health.
Anyone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, anyone who has an interest in being that bit better than they are, and anyone who wants to break out of victim mentality and into empowerment will LOVE this book.  What we have done is crystallise the concepts of cutting-edge functional neurology into language and images that an average reader can really get into and enjoy.


Is there a particularly timely nature of the subject area of Your Brain Your Life?

 Absolutely! This subject or science of Functional Neurology and the advances in it are relatively new and while there are more technical books around on the subject, there isn’t one that is written in a manner that can be understood by and which directly benefits the masses.

The information we have compiled is current and well referenced, and is specifically aimed at our information – seeking health consumer.  This is for the discerning health consumer who is no longer happy to just blindly take the benevolent advice of their health-care ‘god’, but wants to take an active part in their own health mamagement.  will appeal to a variety of demographics, including workers, students, parents who are looking to give their children an edge, baby-boomers who want to retain their youth, employers aiming to improve the productivity of their workforce, competitive sportsmen/women, teachers who want to utilise specific modes of learning and memory retention, the list goes on.

Another area that is challenging health care systems is 'the aging population' - People are living longer and need information on how to take better care of their brain and nervous system so as to have the best possible levels of function into their old age and to be able to continue to do the things they love to do. We know a woman in her mid seventies that still regularly does downhill skiing and plays tennis, so shouldn't you maintain your health and brain function so you can do what you love to do for many more years! 




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